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FuzzFind or outlining the results on a map showing the links between different search engines Langreiter. However, most if not all meta-search tools are no better than an individual search engine as neither of them seemed to develop an effective blending technology and relevancy leaves much to be desired:. So does meta-search have any future? Well, it does. In today's web 2. Today I'd like to highlight a post entitled, Facesaerch for Finding Some helpful features meta-search engines offer are: search results clustering i.

Like I previously suggested, this feature can be effectively used for keyword research and brainstorming ; related term suggestions also used for expanding keyword lists ; search terms linguistic and textual analysis e. Yoople ; blend several social bookmarking services; make up a really unique blending and ranking algorithm; aggregate data from different vertical search engines, etc.

About the Author: Ann Smarty. Ann Smarty is a blogger and SEO consultant and professional blogger. In addition, Yippy has a sources box to the left of its results which is a convenient way to filter out from where your results come from. You can see that Yippy is retrieving results from a Cloud, while Google does not do this. While Google may be a better search engine, you can still get great use out of Yippy.

The best way to do this is to register and create a profile. The reason for this is that Yippy provides tons of other features aside from just being a search engine. Yippy gives you 2 GB of Cloud storage as a registered user, which in todays technological world is becoming a useful and very important tool.

Yippy also gives you an email account, and other tools like calendars, organizes your contacts, and more. You can see a full list of these features in their about page. The fact that Yippy is allowing you to have all these extra features from a metasearch engine will definitely put the site above other metasearch engines like DogPile.

While on the homepage, you can check out their About page, which tells you more about the site and what they have to offer. For instance, some other things that Info. In this section, Info.

What is Dogpile Search Engine and How does it differ from Google

The topic that will be in the exercises is rental properties in Ann Arbor, MI, specifically houses. You enter this query into the search box, and then press the enter button. In both the results pages you see advertisements at the top of the page, and then sources for some realtors that may have houses in Ann Arbor.

Both sites returned great results, and the amount of good results also looked great. In this comparison, we can see that Google is better than Info. The results were again very similar, and some of the same companies for realty were compiled by both sites. However, Google provided a section of some realties with their contact information that had houses on central campus.

You can just take down the contact information and call to ask for exact information. Also, one more nice thing that Google provides that Info does not, is a map of where the properties are located. While Info provides the same great results that Google does, it is loosing to Google because it does not provide a map, or contacts list which would make it more user friendly. While Info may not be as great as Google, it is still a great tool. The best way to take advantage of this tool is to use their Search Wizard, and make your queries more effective.

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These specific sites are catered to find what you want specifically in that type. After looking more closely into these three metasearch engines and comparing them to Google, there is one Meta search site that worked the best.

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That site would be Yippy. If you are to use any integrated metasearch engine, you should use Yippy. The reasons for using Yippy are because. Ross School of Business. He will be graduated in May with a focus in Accounting and Strategy. He enjoys playing sports like basketball, baseball, and football, and spending time with his friends and family. To Google or not to Google? All Rights Reserved. It looks like you did a lot of research for this chapter and spent a lot of time on it, great start so far! One other thing I thought of in the introduction is that you could mention the main point of the integrated metasearch engines is to provide the user with better results.

There was an exam question very similar to this so it might be a good idea to include that. I found it a little bit hard to follow your instructions for Dogpile. You start describing things in all areas of the screen and it was hard for me to understand exactly what you were talking about.

How to collect USA Local data from Yellowpages

If you could add in a screenshot and maybe highlight or circle some areas of the screen it would be easier to understand. I think adding more images throughout the chapter would be advantageous. If you add that in it will be much easier for an inexperienced user to know what you mean. I also think you could expand upon your how to get the most out of X sections. Overall, great chapter. As long as you make a few updates and go through and re-read each sentence for fluency and grammar you should have a great final product to share.

After reading the previous comment, I agree with it for the most part. Some of the formatting seemed a little off. I liked that you separated the text with different headings, but it would have been helpful to break up listings using bullet points. This will be. Your Screenshots are a little small, it was hard to read them. If this was intentional, it made sense because the specific results are not very important.

My one of my favorite graphics was the one advanced search comparisons. That summarized the information very well. The tone is pretty informal, and sometimes you could have used search jargon from the class. We know the intricacies of regular searches; we just want to know about Dogpile.

"Fingers crossed" is not a marketing plan.

Comparison to Google- I really liked the analysis about the increased number of news sites in the search results. This was insightful and will influence how I search with Yippy. How well did the source filter box work? More analysis like this lets the user know if the site is worth using, or what parts of it to focus on. The comparison to some of the extra information from Google results on contact information helped show the inadequacy of info. Make sure you annotate the Appendix.

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Overall, you had a lot to do, and you presented the information pretty well. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Increase Font Size. Introduction Integrated search for multiple search engines is as simple as its said. Some of the integrated search engines are: Dogpile.

Conducting a Search When doing a search in Dogpile, you just enter into the search box what you would like to find information on. Yippy Instructions Yippy Homepage Yippy is another integrated search engine, however, this search engine is much more user interactive than the last integrated search engine you looked at.

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How to get the most out of Yippy While Google may be a better search engine, you can still get great use out of Yippy. In addition, using Info.