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Out of thousands that apply each year, only a handful, about four percent of applicants become new hires with the city to attend the Academy for SDPD. In Fiscal Year , 4, applicants took the first step in applying to become San Diego police officers, which is a written test. An average of four percent of applicants make it through the hiring process to the first day of the Academy. Of that, only one in four make it through the Academy and field training process, according to the police union.

Using those averages, only 44 officers would have ended up joining the police force from the 4, applicants in Applicants endure a tough process lasting months that includes the written examination, an extensive background check, a lie detector test, several rounds of interviews, and they complete a timed obstacle course. Michael Swanson in charge of recruiting.

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Of the select handful that make it to the Academy, there are seven months of training before an officer gets his or her badge. Then, the trainee spends five months with a field training officer.

San Diego police staffing woes: It's low pay, and a lot more - The San Diego Union-Tribune

The department is also facing shortages of field training officers. City leaders had hoped an increase in benefits last year would reduce departures from the department, but Chief Shelley Zimmerman said the improved compensation package has had little effect on officer retention. Marvel said six officers are leaving in the next two weeks. Add to that being exposed to tragedy, stress and tense moments on the job, and it becomes even more clear why the department conducts such a rigorous screening and hiring process, according to officers in recruitment.

Between fiscal years and , there was a more than 25 percent drop in the number of applicants.

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Little data exists to explain the significant drop in number of applicants between and In July , a veteran uniformed San Diego police officer was killed in the line of duty, and another officer was seriously injured. San Diego Police Officer Jonathan De Guzman was shot multiple times, at point-blank range in his patrol vehicle, by a Shelltown gang member. Prosecutors said De Guzman never had a chance to even raise his service weapon. For a sneak peek at the program, please take a look at our flyer and schedule. We have so much to be thankful for with regard to our local county law enforcement, District Attorneys, and all judicial staff.

Thank you so much! I have so much admiration for them and the decisions they face. These ten weeks have been eye-opening, compassionate, and rewarding. Thank you to all for a comprehensive program. Flyer Class Schedule Application Form.