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And if anybody ever dares to question you about those facts, you just get right in their face and tell 'em: "Hell yeah, it's true, I've seen it! However, this one is so, so crooked that tower techs Miller and Powell are willing to bet six months of per diem that if they can bend it just a few more inches it will easily fit into any airline's carry-on luggage measuring device. Authorities say John Richard Lefan Jr.

Police say Lefan repeatedly ordered extra material for jobs for cell site builds and then sold the excess copper wire to a Tampa recycling company. Martin Luther King Jr. Prior to the construction management position he did volunteer work for a year at the Sheriff's Office in , and worked at the Mulberry Police Department from March to March , according to Florida Department of Law Enforcement records,.

Confronted by an internal investigator from T-Mobile, Lefan admitted the thefts, according to the report. In a statement from the association, Chairman Don Doty said NATE was reminding its members that if they are utilizing controlled descent methods while descending a tower, they were still required to utilize recognized fall arrest equipment. NATE did not state why the alert was being issued, but those close to two recent industry fatalities said that they occurred while the technicians were rappelling. Site capacity was overwhelmed following quake July 30, - Cell carriers reported that wireless service was disrupted over a widespread area of Southern California following yesterday's 5.

An overload of callers shut down service for many cell phone users due to tremendous increases in calls. Of the many hundreds of media photographs that were taken following the earthquake, the majority of them showed people using their cell phones. Complicating the problem were the many people that kept trying and trying to make a call after their first attempt failed. The state's Office of Emergency Services urged people to curb non-emergency calls because they could cause calls to be blocked.

Carriers reported that their service was back to normal by yesterday evening. A press release issued by the National Association of Tower Erectors following the show was picked up by two industry web sites, but major media outlets have been noticeably silent following the broadcast.

Barstow authorities said the year-old woman had to be rescued after she climbed to the top of the tower and could not get down, screaming until a witness heard her cries for help and called After the estimated 45 minutes she spent clinging to the tower, the woman was suffering from sun exposure and her legs were too numb to climb down, firefighters said. She was strapped into a harness and lowered to the ground.

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North Tonawanda police say that Michael J. Falling is being considered the most obvious cause of death, but nothing has yet been ruled out, North Tonawanda Police Patrol Captain Roger Zgolak said. Police said the property was totally secured and locked and the deceased did not possess any type of equipment or tools used for climbing. On May 17, a Westwood Kansas year-old was climbing a foot guyed tower when he fell to his death. Four days earlier a year-old died after falling from a monopole in Travis County, Texas. He became wedged between the pole's safety climb and an accessory on the tower and dangled there until a resident noticed him hanging at the foot level.

On April 26, a despondent year-old man reportedly ended his life after he climbed a communications tower in Warwick, NY and then jumped to his death. And there were many industry folks who maintained the convictions that they held, prior to the broadcast, that it would be a show that pandered to a larger audience with an insatiable appetite for reality programming that relies heavily upon danger, drama and employee conflict peppered with deleted expletives. They were correct. The opening narration set the stage: Tonight, take a never before journey into their perilous world where one false move can cost a life, and change everything.

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They spend long days and nights on the road. A family, whose bonds are forged in blood, sweat and steel. They live their lives in the air for their loved ones on the ground. And tonight, somebody won't make it down alive. And the producers took advantage of it.

Some viewers felt that the tower crew members overemphasized the inherent perils of the job, as if the general public observing the high altitude working conditions were incapable of discerning the dangers involved in the profession. Intertwined throughout the 42 minutes were numerous conversations regarding safety.

Constant reminder is a very important aspect of safety," Hayden said. Hoyde was working alone painting the tower, Millard said, at about the foot level. When Millard looked out a second story window he said he discovered the tower painter laying on his side in a semi-fetal position.

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It appeared to Millard that Hoyde had fallen from the TV tower. Millard said Hoyde still had his safety equipment on. Hovde's body has been sent to Bismarck for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

If the coroner identifies that Hoyde died from blunt trauma, he will be the ninth communications worker that was killed this year from falling from a communications tower. Gerard M. The year-old tower technician had been working on a Crown Castle International tower off of Panther Rd. Leclercq, who reportedly had family working for him in the industry, fell at approximately a.

Investigators from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration were on the scene and investigating the incident until late Friday evening. Paramount Advanced Wireless LLC is a well-known, long-established company that has its roots in the communications industry since the early build-out days of cellular communications.

The firm has taken an active role in tower safety and is a participant in an industry OSHA safety alliance. Climbers to get their day in the sun NBC's "Dateline" to explore the perilous world of tower dogs on July 21 July 16, - NBC's "Dateline Presents" says it will take "a never-before-seen journey into the hazardous world of the tower climbers who work on the frontlines of America's high-tech communications system.

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The hour-long broadcast is expected to give an up close and personal no-holds-barred look at tower dogs' lives - up in the air and on the ground. In a twist on all the dangerous-job programs that solely feature males, typically narrated with muscular prose, "Tower Dogs" follows an unusual tower crew boss: a woman named Nikki Collins, a single mom, former cheerleader, and the person keeping her tough-guy charges in one piece.

The "Dateline" team worked for four months documenting this group of tower climbers as they worked their way through 40 towns and cities in 24 states. During this time there were seven fatalities nationwide, including five deaths in a day period in April. The Tokyo Sky Tree will be the world's highest self-supporting broadcast tower with a gourmet restaurant near the top.

Unfortunately, North Dakota tower techs are unable to enjoy fine culinary offerings at the Blanchard site, but riggers can still heat up their dinner from the available KVLY radio frequency, even at reduced power levels, unless they'd rather sample sashimi. In another year, the Tokyo Sky Tree will be a bit short, however, of the tallest multi-use tower in the world, with the Burj Dubai nearing completion at over 2, feet in the Gulf Emirate.

With tens of thousands of hand holds, it might be tempting for King Kong to climb the Tokyo Sky Tree and disrupt digital broadcasters. The biological anomaly's last visit to Tokyo from Skull Island was in It would be easy to presume that the Japanese communications tower was named Tokyo Sky Tree so that after a minute visual balloon test it would receive zoning approval when Tokyo's eight million residents would not even notice it since it blended so nicely into the city's surroundings, such as the 2,foot DoCoMo church steeples, pagodas, Hinomaru flagpoles, barn silos, monopines and other faux tree-like structures that invisibly line Tokyo's bustling streets.

Not so, explained Sumida's mayor, Noboru Yamazaki, who said a nationwide poll was held to choose the name, and concealment was not an issue. The CTIA, Sprint Nextel and others sued, stating that the rules would require backup power in tight, urban locations and would be a financial burden upon the nation's wireless providers. They said the thousands of generators or battery systems required would be expensive and local zoning rules or structural limitations could make installation impossible in some places.

The FCC previously offered a compromise to carriers, saying there can be exemptions wherever it's impossible or unsafe to install generations or alternative backup power sources. FCC spokesman Robert Kenny said the agency had no comment on the court's action. He said the FCC was reviewing the ruling to decide when and if it would submit the rules to the Office of Management and Budget. There are about , cell sites in the U. Tower owners were cautiously optimistic that it would help to cut down on the number of larcenies within the state. Their hopes were short lived.

On Saturday morning, thieves attempting to steal copper coaxial cables from a Tracy City foot guyed tower, cut the guy wires, and caused the entire structure to collapse. A replacement tower had been obtained in Iowa over the weekend and erectors will begin installing the tower this week. Grundy County Sheriff Brent Myers says the two suspects in this case could be responsible for another theft. Even without toppling a tower, copper thieves can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, according to tower owners, both large and small.

Last month, Frosty Towers, Inc. The thief removed a ground halo system, severely damaged an entry door and cut the fiber optic cables to the site. According to Blake Bowers, Frosty's Vice President of Operations, the thieves started to remove the coax from a lower power translator station, causing it to go into high VSWR alarm and it possibly scared them off. An additional alarm was installed at the site, and just five days later, on June 22, a Taney County Sheriffs Department officer responded to its activation and arrested Carl Thompson, Thompson has a number of previous felony convictions, and the Taney County Prosecutor's Office is expected to charge Thompson as a habitual offender, with a year no parole sentence.

This was the fourth break-in Frosty had in a week's time in three states. Missouri requires scrap metal buyers to keep records of all transactions.

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Copper theft is an endemic problem throughout the nation and is being combated on multiple levels, from new legislation to increase penalties for those convicted of stealing, to measures such as recently undertaken by Albany, GA police who will have officers at each of the three recycling businesses in the area. North Carolina approved their standard in Concerned about tower workers' safety, MIOSHA wanted to develop a safety standard that incorporated the most up-to-date best practices for working aloft, but the effort to draft a standard failed on the state's first try because a workable committee couldn't be assembled.

This time the committee knew it had the talent and cooperation from tower industry professionals to put together a draft standard that represents the best practices across the nation. Please see: Disagreements were resolved. But company managers will tell you it's not the bragging rights that concern them, but the potential for hot weather to lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke if their tower workers fail to properly hydrate themselves.

The tower tech was reorienting two antennas that became misaligned after a storm blew through the Phoenix area yesterday when he suddenly felt like he was going to pass out at approximately feet on a self supporting tower. It was from the heat of the day, working hard all day, working this late and exerting too much energy," he said.

His two co-workers contacted Rural Metro and a special rescue team was sent up to bring him back down at p.