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The gateway then sends the response back to the device that originally sent the request. What is an IP Address?

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If you are not sure what range of addresses to use, you should use one of these: This is sometimes entered in the Gateway field when you want a network to be isolated. See the section on Subnets and Gateways below. It's sometimes called localhost or a loopback address. Do not ever assign an address beginning with to a device.

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Any other address range not mentioned: other IP addresses should be assumed to be part of an enterprise network which is connected to the public Internet. Do not use those addresses unless your IT department directs you to do so. Example IP Address Subnetting The basic idea behind subnetting is that we take away some bits from the host portion of the address and use them to identify the subnet.

This will only be visible to hosts and routers on the local network; from the point of view of the Internet at large only the network ID portion will have any particular meaning. The way this works is that the network administrator defines a subnet mask , a string of 32 binary digits indicating the boundary between the subnet and host sections of the "local" portion of an IP address.

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  • Some examples should help make this clear:. For compatibility, routers include masks for unsubnetted addresses: The main reasons for this are: As a consequence of the address exhaustion problem, Class B addresses are only assigned to organisations that can show a clear need for them: organisations which do not meet the requirements are instead given a contiguous block of Class C addresses.

    Having a series fo router table entries for networks which all map onto the same route is wasteful of space and degrades routing algorithms.

    CIDR uses a supernet mask along with the lowest network address in the assigned block to identify the range of assigned network addresses. Network Address Translation is a technique which allows for the composition of a network to be completely hidden from the outside world, with the entire network identified by a single IP address. IPv6, if you remember, has 16 bytes bits to work with.

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    For a detailed explanation of IPv6, please visit its dedicated page, but for the purpose of this page, just know that IPv6 can support over ,,,,,,,,,,,, possible IP addresses. And that will support the world for a long, long time. Network numbering permits hosts, or peers, to communicate with each other efficiently.

    Subnetting, Supernetting and Network Address Translation

    Hosts sharing a network could be computers located in the same home or office, or all computers used by an entire company. Hosts that are multi-homed—they contain multiple network adapters—can belong to multiple networks, which each adapter being assigned just one network number. Network numbers resemble IP addresses, but are quite different. For a Class C IP address, the first three octets by default refer to the network address with the remaining octet set to zero.

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    Therefore the network address of our IP address is The octet or octets that are not a part of the network address are referred to as the host address a unique identifier of the host on the network. For our IP address, that would mean the host address would be 0. I agree with your terms and conditions.

    What Is a Subnet Mask Address? How to Determine Subnet Mask A subnet mask can be converted into binary form that consists of 0s and 1s.

    IP Address Formats

    These numbers are , , , , , , , and Subnet mask can do more than determine the size of a particular subnet. What Is My Subnet Mask? The most simple way to find your own subnet mask is to run a simple command line in windows. For example, a typical IP address IPv4 seen by a computer in binary notation is: So take our IP address above, To convert to binary, you see that fits into it with a remainder of For our example we were left with 64 for a remainder, which the 64 in the table indeed fits into with a remainder of 0.