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Most dealers will perform a comprehensive inspection to see if your car has any issues, repair anything that needs fixing, and thoroughly clean and detail your car including a new paint job if necessary before putting it on the lot. This is a critical part of how dealers value trade-ins.

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In the end it comes down to what is more important to you: time or money. You could probably get a couple thousand more for your car if you sell it privately, but that takes time, energy, and resources. Sound stressful? Check back soon for details. Powered by WordPress.

Used Cars Do Not Have an Invoice

Built with Automotive. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. We can pull up the exact spec of the car you want to value. Free valuations are available for most cars made from onwards, calculated using a standard mileage rate based on 10, miles per year. The Parkers car valuation calculator gives you independent prices and accurate car values - and we can do van valuations too.

Our team of independent experts visit hundreds of car dealers and auctions every month, to research the actual selling price of thousands of cars. We monitor around 1. It's all in our car valuation online tool. Even though they can make a car more attractive to a potential buyer, not all added options fitted to a vehicle will guarantee an increase in value when you come to sell.

Remember that mileage and options can make a significant difference to how much your car is worth — sometimes adding hundreds or even thousands of pounds to a value, so it can pay to get a fully adjusted car valuation. You will then choose the vehicle's overall condition. Your choices will be outstanding, clean, average, rough, and damaged. If you're looking at a used car from a reputable dealer you should choose the condition as "outstanding" to get the most reliable number.

The trade-in amount is the one you're interested in.

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This will give you the closest estimate to the dealer's original cost and a good starting point for negotiating. Even though a car dealer will add more cost to a car before making it available for sale, they'll try to keep their reconditioning costs to a minimum.

How to find out the Kelley Blue Book value of your vehicle - EZ Tips Ep44

In reality anything under "dealer retail" would be a good deal since that's the "average price" people in your local area are paying for the same type of car. However, your goal is to purchase the car below or as close as possible to the trade-in value.

Free car valuation

Write down all three amounts, trade-in, private party, and dealer retail. You will want these figures when you start negotiating a used car's price. Below are some additional tips on how to get a feel for the current used car market and some additional information on other sources available to check used car values and resources. Over 80 years old and commonly misspelled Kelly Blue Book. This is the book most people refer to not realizing there are many other used car value books in the industry. When a car dealer hears you say, "What's the Blue Book Value? The Blue Book does provide some very useful information.

However, in my experience it does not provide the best figures for estimating a dealer's used car cost. It is more commonly used when a dealer is providing retail numbers, since they are much higher than other publications. Most auto lenders use NADA clean trade value to base how much they'll lend on a vehicle. The reason I don't recommend using this book is because most dealers will buy cars well under NADA clean trade. This is the most commonly used book by dealers to evaluate trade-ins, you must have a dealer's license or know a dealer to get your hands on one.

You may notice when you get your vehicle appraised the value you're offered is significantly lower than the trade-in value of other books in the industry. Updated on a monthly basis, The Black Book provides dealer's with true auction or wholesale values. These numbers are what a dealer may pay for your car at an auction, allowing for any reconditioning fees he may have to incur to prepare the vehicle for sale.

Another great source to check the current market conditions on a certain vehicle is eBay. Put in the vehicle, go to the left column, scroll down to "Show Only" and check "Sold Listings. Once you've received the quotes, compare the prices with what you've estimated above to be the dealer's true cost. This will give you somewhat of an idea of how much mark-up is in the vehicle.

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  • Keep in mind, it's only a guestimate. You should always take the time to price the vehicle you want to buy through the Black Book Trade-In Value Tool to get the most accurate pricing amounts. When you skim through classified ads, it's easy to miss something and focus on just the price. Car dealers are very good at writing classified advertisements, leaving the negative aspects out of an ad and focusing on the positives of the car. Let's say you're searching for a certain car and there are 5 of them listed on CarClearanceDeals.

    They're all identical vehicles and have about the same mileage. Look closer at the ad, are the miles conveniently left out? Is there a certain option it's missing? Is it a different trim line?

    How to Get a Good Deal on a Used Car

    Maybe it's just a really good deal My point is, dealer's can be very tricky with the way they advertise their vehicles. Slow down, be cautious and remember, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The best way to protect yourself from being ripped off by a dealership when buying a used car is to not rush into it.

    Slow down, take your time, do your research and make good buying decisions. Doing so will ensure you get a great deal buying a used car.

    Dealerships & Traders

    Car Clearance Deals and Edmunds are the quickest way to compare new car prices in your local area. These online sites will provide you with free, no-obligation price quotes and the discounts you receive will give you confidence on your next new car purchase. Walk away from the dealership knowing you received a good deal, not hoping you did.

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