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Other locations may be available. Please contact your county tax office, or visit their Web site, to find the office closest to you. All rights reserved. Motorists Dealers Motor Carriers. Buying or Selling a Vehicle. For Our Troops Memorial Day. Consumer Protection. Two duplicates of blueprint, both marked "void".

Withers and H. Five plans showing foundation Sheet Number Two , two plans showing floor plan Sheet Number Three , three plans showing structural details Sheet Number Seven , marked "void". Withers Residence for Dr. Russell, Weatherford, Texas Job Number Plans showing foundation, floorplan and elevation.

Plans showing plot plan of playground and park area, detail of filtration system and septic tank plans. Set of blueprints showing topographical maps, foundation plan, floor plan, elevations and details. Remington Rand Incorporated Drawings and Elevations of Building Blueprints for section and elevations at first and second floors. Adam A. Blueprints showing floor plan, football field and septic tank and disposal details.

Withers Plans for Venus Public School Building and Site Improvements Blueprints showing elevation, foundation, framing, floor plan, roof plan, details and front entrance. Blueprints showing plot plan for athletic field, floor plan and athletic complex plans. Withers architects and Frank Parsley engineer John T. Blueprints showing foundation, floor plan, elevations and details. Sheet Number One missing. Garrett Will C. Foster and Sons Incorporated. Plans for general construction of one-story building including plumbing, heating wiring and outside work.

Shows foundation, floor plan, details and plumbing and electrical.

Attached is one pencil on trace and one typed document regarding cafeteria addition. Blueprints for apartment showing first floor plan; Sheet Number Two is missing. Engineer consulting company Wilson and Cottingham Job Number Plans for two-story home on Lot , Terrytown, Austin, Texas. Floor plans, elevations, roof framing and details.

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Foundation, floor framing and roof framing plan for home. Plans showing elevations, floor plan and details. Herman G. Tarrant Memorial Drawing of memorial to be erected by Edward H. Tarrant Chapter, United States Daughters of Tarrant Memorial Landscape design for memorial to be erected by Edward H. Plans showing floor plan, elevation and wall section. Plans showing floor plan, foundation plan and elevation. Withers architects and Frank Parsley engineer Set of architectural drawings for the Mausoleum for Mr.

Set is heavily water damaged. Withers undated Peaster M. Church Blueprints Unbound set of blueprints of Peaster M. Church with title blocks cutout. Withers, Elmer G. Bliss undated Blueprints for Proposed Hotel in Eastland, Texas Blueprints for elevation, floor plan and typical floorplan. Withers and Merrell, Mineral Wells undated Blueprints for School Set of blueprints showing two alternate plans for school, including colored illustrations of outside of buildings; possibly WPA.

Simpson Company undated Plans for Residence of Mr. Robert W. Tesch Jr. Typed specifications of construction with blueprints of foundation, floor plan, elevation and exterior and interior detail. Moseley undated Plans for Residence Job Number Blueprints for home showing floor plan, elevation and details. Withers undated Blueprint showing flooring and footing plan for building "Home Making Cottage" on back; floor plan and footing plan; unknown building.

Withers undated Residence for Mr. Roquemore Blueprints showing residence exterior and floorplan. Withers undated Duplex Residence for Mr. Roy Croft Blueprints showing foundation, elevations and details. Sheet Number Two is missing. Withers architect and Curtis A.

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McClure associate architect undated Home for Mr. Cunningham Job Number Blueprints showing foundation, pier and footing schedule, first floor, second floor, elevation and details. Orval W. Shore Blueprints showing foundation, wall section, plot plan, elevations, floor plan and details. Walter E. Ferguson Blueprints showing floor plan, foundation plan and elevations. Moseley undated Plans for Gymnasium Drawing showing blueprint for unnamed gymnasium.

McMurtry and Craig; Leonard E. Kanto, Consulting Engineer, Fort Worth, Texas Theo Yardanoff Building Set of blueprints showing existing and new elevations as well as roofing, door, and wall details. Jim D. Vowell, Architect Design for an Expansible Branch for Fort Worth Public Library Wedgwood Shows minimal detail for entrance, reading and reference area, open stack, lobby, planting garden, office space, restrooms, and mechanical room. Two copies. Vowell, Architect Design for an Expansible Branch for Fort Worth Public Library Wedgwood Shows detailed depiction entrance, lobby, tables, children reading room, adult and young adult reading room, open stack, restrooms, storage and mechanical rooms.

Shows book capacity as 15, volumes.

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Four sheets. Vowell, Architect , circa Topographic Map of Proposed Branch Library Number One in Wedgwood Addition Plat map showing water main line, building line, proposed site of library on blocks 10 and 11, existing sewers, and utility easement. Sheet 1-B only. Two sheets. County Telephone Operator Tarrant County provides the information contained in this web site as a public service.

Weatherford, Fort Worth, Texas Copyright Tarrant County, TX. Project Tex.

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Set of blueprints sheets of work on state Highway in Tarrant County, Texas. Set of preliminary blueprints for work on state Highway in Tarrant County. Three sets of five pages of blueprints for construction work for the Tarrant County Historical Commission, when the archives were formerly housed at the Civil Courts building. Set of blueprints for construction at White Settlement High School.

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Set of blueprints for construction of high school building for Axle Independent School District. Project Number Two sets of plans showing plot plan, floor plan, elevations, wall sections, schedule for finishes, door and window schedules, classroom details, kitchen and service equipment details, stage details, foundation, roofing, framing, plumbing, heating and electric.

Plans showing plot plan, floor plan, details, window schedule, elevations, classroom details, toilets, beam schedule, roof framing, plumbing, mechanical and electrical details. Project Number TexasCA8. Project Number TexCA8. April 20, Blueprint showing plot plan, elevations, driveway and retaining wall details for U.

Set of blueprints for proposed store. Five sheets showing foundation, floor plan, roof plan and elevation with two duplicates. Drawing showing plot plan and eatils of septic tank, floor, joints and cross section. WPA Project Number Partial set of blueprints for pool, showing concrete diving tower, circulating system pipe layout and concrete platform. Three copies of one blueprint. WPA project. Full size detail drawing of tablet shows Board of Trustees, architect and contractor.

Job Number ; Drawings showing grounds, layout and details; contains only pages 1 and 3. Shows blueprint of school lot along College Avenue, elevations and different sections.