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Check your purchase is in good condition, as a dodgy turntable could damage your records. Y ou may also want to pick up a brand new stylus, or needle, for any second hand player you buy to get one in mint condition. C rosley record players come in for a fair amount of flak among some record snobs. While most reviewers agree the sound quality and durability of the Crosley are at the lower end, the flashy colours, portability its inside a briefcase , ease of use and all-in-one speakers make this record player a good first buy or a decent piece of kit for younger family members.

This model has a Bluetooth connection, meaning you can also stream music through its speakers. It has an understated look compared to the latest Crosley turntable players and a solid audio quality for the price point. B uy now. T his Pro-Ject turntable is a solid entry level device for those looking for true sound quality.

It comes with an 8. Buy now. T his stylish turntable from Lenco has two turning speeds and solid belt drive. It can easily format your records using its USB port and includes a premium cartridge needle to provide superior sound quality. It has been designed with a rock solid build so user's can scratch and mix like on a premium Technics set up.

Under the dust cover it comes with a built-in album display stand, to let everyone know what you've been playing. G et a bit of everything with this all-in-one record player from Teac. It comes with built-in speakers, cassette and radio players and, importantly, a 3-speed analog turntable. Included is a wireless remote, while this speaker also connects via USB so you can convert your music.

T his direct drive turntable from Audio Technica is a hefty piece of technology.

With a slick black chassis and L-shaped tone-arm, it has a two speed set up and can connect via USB. Its direct drive motor is also impressively quiet and the whole device delivers an impressive sound quality. Ge Wildcat.

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