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If the one-year limit has been exceeded, the birth will have to be registered with the State Office of Vital Statistics using a Delayed Certificate of Birth. If documentation required by the State of California to prove the facts of birth is not in existence, the parents will have to petition the courts to register the birth. Registering a birth locally also requires certain documentation to prove the facts of birth.

You can call the Health Department to have an informational packet mailed to you by phoning or When you have questions about how to accomplish certain tasks that concern the State Office of Vital Statistics, your local Vital Statistics Office can help.

This can include changing incorrect information on birth and death certificates, how to obtain state services, and understanding laws and regulations governing these legal documents. Correcting information on birth and death certificates requires the completion of an Affidavit to Amend a Record.

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There is no cost to submit one of these documents within one year after the event. The local office maintains all the forms that you might need to accomplish changes and corrections. We can also refer you to the appropriate state entities when you have a complaint about services you have received from cemeteries, funeral homes, and related businesses.

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The Health Department compiles statistics of many kinds related to local health issues. Births, deaths, and infectious diseases reported in Madera County are some of the statistics that are routinely compiled from year to year.

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Requests for data, purpose and plan for dissemination should be made in writing and four weeks allowed for delivery or comment. Always include a telephone number where you can be reached as specific information is often required to complete a request. Other government resources for health data include The Department of Health Services, www. Please sure that you have completely filled out the application and have it notarized if you intend to receive a Certified Authorized Copy. Please read these instructions. Mail your application to:. No applications will be available after p. Death Registry hours: 9 - a.

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For general information, contact us at Various circumstances that occur may require amendments or corrections to the original Vital Record. Please view below link for detailed information on how to request such amendments or corrections. Correcting or Ameding Vital Records. California Health and Safety Code, Section , permits only authorized individuals to receive certified copies of birth records. The law describes an authorized person as:.

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Send To: Send a check or money order made payable to Office of Vital Records with the application form to:. California Birth Certificate Request.

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In California? Customers requesting vital records at the public counter should use the L Street entrance between 15th and 16th Streets. Need your certificate quickly? Because of the large volume of requests that is processed at the state level, most of the county offices can provide a faster processing time than the state office often within one week.

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Also, many of the county offices will accept requests using a credit card by phone, fax, or on-line. In these cases, you may want to submit your request to the state office for processing.

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Death Records Available: Effective July 1, , there are two types of certified copies of birth and death records. Deaths prior to will take from months or longer to process, depending on the amount and accuracy of the information provided. These records require manual search of the files. Information Required: Please provide as much of the following information as possible for them to locate the death certificate:. California Death Certificate Request.

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Information Required: Please provide as much of the following information as possible for them to locate the marriage certificate:.